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239 West Washington St., Suffolk Va.23434


Hours of operation are 11:00 am to 8:00 pm ( OR UNTIL WE SELL OUT OF MEAT) Tuesday through Saturday and we are closed on Sunday and Monday.

We have a philosophy of providing fresh smoked BBQ.  All of our sides are homemade (down to our great Mayo used in a couple of our recipes).  We bake our bread fresh daily.  

We prepare a large supply of food everyday and our smokers are running practically non stop.  However, due to the unique process of doing true Barbecue, which is a long process of cooking slowly over low heat for a long period of time, it is not possible to just throw another one on the smoker and it be ready within minutes.  I understand it can be frustrating to show up and we are sold out.  It would be more frustrating for me, as a consumer, to show up and spend money on something that is not fresh.  We smoke our meats between 16 and 20 hours per day and stagger the loading of the smoker to carry us through the entire day. However, when we receive large orders for this great BBQ, as well as the fact we are getting busier and busier, there may be times that we sell out.  If you are looking to host a large gathering, please provide us a notice at least 72 hours in advance, if possible, so that we may ensure your meal is available when needed.  Remember, you can always call us at 757-539-0400 or check facebook to see if we have sold out. 

We have a goal and are working diligently to be considered the best barbecue and best restaurant in Suffolk, Virginia and surrounding areas.  We realize that takes time and appreciate all those that have stopped in to visit.  If you are ever unhappy with your food or service please let us know right away.  If you are happy, please let others know through reviews etc., on places such as Trip Advisor, Google and Yelp as well as our own page on facebook.

Thank you.

THAT GOOD BBQ and THAT GOOD BBQ Sauce™ are products of Barry Fitzgerald's LLC., a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business.